We Are Ready To Take On All Souvenir-Model Throwers

14 12 2009

The PdL-People of Freedom Group in London is following with deep concerns and horror the aftermath of this evening’s attack, perpetrated in Milan against the Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi.

The shocking consequences of such an evil act, and the deep wounds it has caused, leave little doubt about its purpose, i.e. the physical and violent elimination of the democratically elected Leader of our Country. Truly we do not wish to find ourselves in the situation of discovering the attempt on Mr Berlusconi’s life be a consequence of the disarray of Italian political opposition, totally inept and unhealthily centred around personal hatred of Mr Berlusconi; and of years of one-sided reporting about Italy in most of the international media, seemingly wholly hopeless at freeing themselves from undue bias.

Is tonight’s episode a sign of what will be brought upon us by the persistent failure at providing news space to anybody not expressing a profound loathing for Mr Berlusconi? Or are the international newsmedia going to wake up to the danger of being unwitting accomplices of those pushing Italy back to the dark night of political violence?

We wish Mr Berlusconi a speed recovery and an as much as possible serene Christmas holiday season, despite suffering an experience nobody should augur to their worst enemy. We also look forward to find out the attacker is a crazy maniac, acting in perfect isolation and whose actions will be condemned by all: otherwise, to the imbeciles who prefer fear, violence and terrorism to vote and a civil society, we can only say, go ahead, throw your souvenir models at us too. Of that, we will be proud.





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